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УРИ ГЕЛЛЕР гнет мозги!


Ури Геллер гнет мозги лучше ложек!


Все секреты c ложками давно выложены в Интернете на слова TUTORIAL SPOON на популярном вражеском портале www.youtube.com   Еще 20-25 лет назад в журнале "Наука и жизнь" была опубликована статья про эти ложки, часы и шарлатана Геллера. Как  фокуснику все секреты мне понятны кроме одного - как Ури Геллер оказался на главном российском телеканале. Мне очень неприятно, что в России проходят такие дешевые трюки!  Как гнуться ложки в квартирах у телезрителей? Зрители прислали столько sms! Слава богу, наши люди дружат с юмором и не пожалеют нескольких рублей на смс-ку, чтобы приколоться над окружающими. Конечно, найдутся больные на голову, которые забывают, что согнули ложку самостоятельно! Никто фактов не проверяет.


Ури Геллер в проекте Феномен.


Недавно бывший американский иллюзионист и фокусник Джеймс Ренди объявил о том, что он лично вручит миллион долларов человеку, обладающему паранормальными способностями. В связи с этим он принялся вслед за Гарри Гудини разоблачать одного за другим разного рода медиумов, экстрасенсов и прочих чудотворцев. Вскоре дошла очередь и до Ури Геллера. Ренди с легкостью проделал трюк, благодаря которому Геллер стал известен всему миру, — он слегка прикоснулся к чайной ложке, и та на глазах стала сгибаться. Джеймс Ренди этим не ограничился, а объяснил, что такого эффекта можно добиться, применяя легкоплавкий металл или сплавы, хранящие память обо всех сгибах и вмятинах. Кстати, эти сплавы были изобретены в СССР еще в 30-х годах прошлого века и профессиональным фокусникам хорошо известны. В заключение Ренди заявил, что Ури Геллер — это всего лишь очень ловкий фокусник и никакими паранормальными способностями он не обладает.


Фокусы с обычными предметами. Семинар Michael Ammar


Фокусы с обычными предметами, видео семинар Michael Ammar.





Richard Osterlind Mind Mysteries Vol. 1-4


Ментальная магия, секреты, скачать видео


It's a rare thing when one of mentalism's leading minds divulges the secrets to his professional act-the material he's been earning a living with for decades. Yet, on this volume of an extraordinary video series, that's exactly what Richard Osterlind does - sharing not only the methods, but the fine details, of the powerhouse effects he's been wowing corporate and trade show audiences all over the world with. Watch him amaze the audience in performance and then go behind the scenes as Osterlind, along with host Jim Sisti, shows you how it's all done.

Bank Night
- Osterlind's original, tried and proven version of a classic, complete with a commercial kicker that will endear you to any audience. A great opener for any act!

The Perfected Center Tear
- Complete instruction in the ultimate version of Osterlind's legendary center tear, which can be done in slow motion and completely surrounded. You rip up the paper...and return all of the pieces!

Radar Deck
- Four spectators just think of a card and the performer names them all! The full workings and never-before-disclosed handling tips are here, including instructions on how to make your own Radar Deck.

Watch Routine
- One spectator thinks of a time while another turns the hands of a face-down watch. When the watch is turned over, it's found to display the first spectator's thought-of time. Perform this miracle anywhere, anytime...and with any watch! Thought Scan - Originally marketed for $250.00, Osterlind's version of the classic Q&A routine is an act in itself. If one could actually read minds, it would look like this!

Magazine Test
- In this never-before-released miracle, the performer predicts the word a spectator will circle on a freely-selected page in a magazine. This was the finale for Richard Osterlind's act for many years.

Linking Finger Rings
- Wedding bands borrowed from three spectators are linked together in the fairest manner possible. This routine has been called the very best version of this classic effect ever conceived and this is the clearest and most-detailed explanation of the real work.




In this volume of Richard Osterlind's landmark video series, he shares perhaps his greatest contribution to magic and mentalism-the Breakthrough Card System, considered by many to be the most ingenious playing card stack ever devised. The spectators could look at the cards for hours and never discover its devilish secret and, for the first time, Richard Osterlind, along with host Jim Sisti, shares twenty years of effects, performance tips, ideas and shortcuts with his inspired creation.

Card Calling
- A group of cards are removed from a shuffled jumbo-sized deck and the performer names them all. This effect, one that will play to the largest audience, has been a staple in Osterlind's stage show for over two decades.

Two Cards in Pocket
- A spectator places two cards in his pockets from a deck he's been mixing. Not only does the performer name them but also divines which one is in which pocket. This is a true killer!

Challenge Mind Reading
- A thought-of card is named without the performer ever touching the deck. Quite possibly the most impossible-looking card trick ever!

Corinda Effect
- The performer names a card that was reversed in the deck by a spectator while he was holding the deck underneath the table. This is the trick that started it all!

Blackjack Demonstration
- Your spectators will be convinced that you are the greatest blackjack player ever! You not only know their hole card but also instruct them, quite successfully, on how to play their hands!




In the third volume of this groundbreaking video series, Richard Osterlind shares some of his most treasured Mind Mysteries. There are impromptu miracles to perform for friends at the dinner table along with more elaborate pieces suitable for large stage audiences. Watch him as he baffles a live audience and then go behind the scenes as Osterlind, along with host Jim Sisti, shows you how it's all done.

Sweeter and Lower
- Osterlind updates his classic "Sweet and Low" effect. A signed packet of sweetener is torn and restored under extremely fair conditions.

Change of Mind
- This novel routine allows you to predict the coins that spectators will remove from their pockets. Complete instructions are given for making the ingenious gimmick and Osterlind supplies handlings for both close-up and stage.

Spoon Bending
- Learn how Richard Osterlind bends spoons in the fairest and most visual way. A knockout technique that amazes audiences.

Radio Sum Total
- Osterlind's version of Larry Becker's basic effect where the audience forms the problem to a mathematical answer that's already on display. Suitable for a live audience and even more amazing to perform on the radio!

- An ordinary playing card slowly turns over by itself to reveal it's the thought-of card. No threads, magnets or other gimmicks are used!

The Nail Writer
- Osterlind's personal handling, plus additional tips, for this ingenious tool.

Lottery Effect
- The performer predicts the winning lottery number that 3 spectators freely form.

Cell Phone Effect
- An audience member with a cell phone calls anyone they know and asks them to select a number. It matches the performer's prediction.

Bill in Cigarette
- A spectator's signed bill is destroyed and found inside a borrowed cigarette. An incredibly easy and astounding way to perform this classic effect




In this final volume of his amazing video series, Richard Osterlind performs some of his most well-known routines in addition to some new, astounding effects that have never been revealed before. You'll see how strong this material is in front of a live audience and then you'll go behind the scenes as Osterlind, along with host Jim Sisti, shows you how it's all done.

Glass of Water Production
- Osterlind's classic glass of water production from an empty and examined paper bag. Paul Daniels and many other stars of magic have featured this on their television specials.

Imp Pad
- Duplicate one of Dunninger's Brain Busters! This is the real way to get information before the show. Plus, complete instructions are given on how to construct the ingenious pad.

Marked Coin in Bottle
- In this version of one of magic's classic effects, the coin is marked by a spectator before being magically passed into a soda bottle by the performer. The spectator's marked coin is actually in the bottle, which must be smashed in order to retrieve the coin.

Signed Torn and Restored Post-It Note
- An ordinary Post-It Note is signed and torn to pieces. The performer restores and returns the signed Note in the fairest possible way.

Spike Bending
- Metal bending for a large stage audience! The performer passes out huge spikes for examination and then apparently bends them with the power of his mind in full view!

S.O.S. Pseudo-Psychometry Bag
- Five spectators drop personal items into a black cloth bag without the performer knowing which person the items belong to. The performer returns each item to its proper owner while giving a psychometric reading for each.

Signed Torn and Restored Newspaper
- This is the most guarded secret in this video series! Any page is selected from a newspaper and signed by a spectator. The paper is torn in half five times and then restored. The signed paper is then returned to the spectator to keep as a souvenir. What's more, the performer is totally clean at the effect's conclusion. This effect has been fooling the best minds in magic for over 15 years and is finally being released!
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Universal Impression by Robert Smith


Секреты ментальной магии


For centuries magicians have sought after tools and effects that promise to make them appear telepathic. Robert Smith, creator of Wounded, has designed the most useful tool to that end.


Flawless in its design, Universal Impression utilizes the best in modern, low tech, impression material and is remarkably easy to use. Unlike similar products on the market, Universal Impression never needs to worry about messy liquids, smudges or smears, fallible electronics or accidental erasing of impression. Your audience will be completely astounded by your ability to read their minds and convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt of your authenticity.


Limitless in its versatility, Universal Impression can be used with a card box, a wallet, books, a pack of cigarettes, or any number of other common items present during impromptu performances. There are many gimmicks on the market but this is the first designed for various close-up magic situations. Universal Impression allows you to perform the strongest and cleanest mind reading effects imaginable. Simply put, if you were given the opportunity to perform just one effect this is it.




ULTRACINESE By Leonardo Milanesi And Netmagicas


Ментальная магия, секреты перемещения, вращения предметов.


DVDRip H264 | 20mins | 6 MP4 Parts | 720x576 | 25fps | AVC-927Kbs | AAC-146Kbs | 155MB


The power to move something by thinking about it without the application of physical force!!!! Imagine you pick up a nut and bolt (both may be borrowed), thread the nut on the bolt, and upon your command the nut slowly starts threading itself off of the bolt as if caused by some ghostly action. You can reverse directions upon your command and the nut can wind back up on the bolt. You immediately give the nut and bolt (no switching) to the spectator to keep as a souvenir. Now get this... no thread, no magnets, no reels, no rubberbands, nothing attached to the nut or bolt, nothing hidden in your hand, no switching, no kidding. Sounds to good to be true, sounds impossible, sounds like hype? It is not... it is Ultracinese effect created by Leonardo Milanesi with the support of the Netmagicas company. Ultracinese is one of those rare effects where the method will not disappoint but will inspire you and make you feel like you are doing REAL magic. You will do this for your own amusement and amazement.




Max Maven – VideoMind

Ментальная магия


Max Maven is one of the most important performers and creators of mental magic in the history of the art. These outstanding DVDs contain some of his favorite and best routines. If you ever wanted to be a mentalist you owe it to yourself to study everything Max Maven has to say.
The magic on the three DVDs (Parlor Mentalism, Close-Up Mentalism and Stage Mentalism) is customized to the three major venues that a professional might find himself in.

Volume 1- Videomind: Parlor Mentalism
Routines geared for poor stand-up conditions: The Mockingbird, Autome, Divine Write, Zenvelopes, Kurotsuke, and The Mind’s Eye Deck.

Volume 2- Videomind: Close-Up Mentalism
Routines geared for intimate performances: Shape-Up, Changeling, Isolation, Key To The Future, Symbalance, Positive Negative, and The Hawk.

Volume 3- Videomind: Stage Mentalism
Routines geared for large audiences: Goal Mine, Tossed – Out Tech, Khan Artist, Contimental, and Psign.

The many techniques, presentations and in-depth analysis contained on these DVDs can be used for many other applications and routines — the information disclosed constitutes a virtual “post-graduate course” in mentalism.




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