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Dan Sperry - Card Manipulation 101


Манипуляция картами, семинар, скачать бесплатно.


Три выпуска обучения карточного манипулирования от обладателя приза "Самый Зрелищный Номер" на конкурсе "The Best Magician 2008". Сингл создание карты, создание нескольких карт, создание веера карт, и многое другое.

Страна: США
Продолжительность: 90 минут
Язык: Английский, без перевода.
Субтитры: Нет.
Качество: DVDRip
Формат: AVI
Видео кодек: H.264
Аудио кодек: AAC
Видео: H.264, 640х360
Аудио: AAC, стерео, 48000
Размер: 1.17 GB



Thirteen - 13 Professional Magic Card Tricks


Видео уроки фокусы с картами скачать бесплатно



* INTERACTIVE MINDREADING - An incredible effect in which Andrew guesses your thought of card in an amazing and original way!
* CARD UNDER TABLECLOTH - A freely selected card vanishes. appearing under a table-cloth just seconds later! This one will fry their brains!
* UNDER MY SPELL - The definitive spelling trick!
* CLOCK MIRACLE - A freely thought of time is revealed by the magician in an Unbelievable, three-phase revelation.
* TWINS - The ‘twins’ of two randomly selected cards are found in a mind-bending manner!
* HUMMER’S 20 CARDS - Fool your fellow magicians with a routine that will have them completely confused and baffled!
* SHUFFLING LESSON - Chad Long’s amazing ‘Do As I Do’ routine. This effect alone is worth the price of the DVD!
* CHICAGO OPENER - A freely chosen card turns out to be the only card in the deck that has a different coloured back!
* FABULOUS FOUR ACES - An amazing multi-phase ace routine
* OUT OF THIS WORLD - Andrew’s handling of the famous Paul Curry routine
* TOPSY-TURVY CARDS -A freely selected card reveals itself in a surprising way after the deck is completely mixed. upside down and inside-out!
* IMPOSSIBLE LOCATION - The title says it all!
* MASTER POKER DEAL - The secrets of the Card Cheats!
* THE LAST TRICK OF DR. DALEY - An amazing four-card transposition!
* BONUS CHAPTERS - Brilliant false cut and shuffling techniques

Description: Total running time: 1 hour, 45 minutes. Multi-Region




Жонглирование картами


Жонглирование картами.


 Обучающий видео курс на русском языке



Манипуляция картами и жонглирование видео уроки


Видео-семинар DE’VO Cradle to Grave  Размер: 630 Мб Продолжительность: 1:18


Веера, пружинки, линии на столе и на руках, тасовки и подрезки одной рукой, масштабные подрезки, манипуляции с колодой, броски карт, стрельба картами и др.



Трюки и манипуляции: Xtreme Beginnerz by De'vo 2008

Продолжительность: 3ч. 19 мин


Манипуляция предметами, видео курс для фокусников.


This incredible DVD set is geared toward the beginner all the way to experienced card handlers in the art of Xtreme Card Manipulation, and covers all the basics as well as some intermediate work! This mamoth DVD is almost 4 hours long! There are also many ideas and moves that HAVE NEVER BEEN PUBLISHED BEFORE! Around 80+ moves, ideas, combos and variations are on this DVD! Just an unbelievalbe amount of information! Scroll down to see the massive content list!

Never before has such a DVD been made featuring Xtreme Card Manipulation. This IS the definitive beginner resource for our art form and will be for years to come.

De’vo has included a concept from the Ulmen group in Germany – called “perching”! This new concept is incredible and will have even the most experienced card handlers scrambling for their cards to test their creativity! So many ideas are possible and this section will only barely scratch the surface of this fascinating concept.

One of the highlights of the DVD is a special 1 hour fanning workshop that stars Jerry Cestkowski who is world renowned for his perfect fans! This section alone is worth 2 times the price of the DVD! Real world info that you will not get from anyone else!

Learn with Q, a complete beginner we trained for 4 weeks. This is one of our favorite parts of this DVD! We know you will learn a lot from Q and his experience! This is another 1 hour section where Q spends 2 weeks with De’vo, and 2 weeks with Jerry training moves on this DVD set. The results are real and unedited! All the drops, grunts and troubles along with the fine tips that the pros give Q to succeed in the moves taught. There are also lots of fun moments including a sparring match with Jerry and getting picked up in a stretch hummer by De’vo for late night partying.


Техника и приемы с картами

Техника и приемы с картами для микромагов.

1. The Official Poker - Shuffles & Cuts 491 мб (52:49)

Перемешивание и подснятие карт, различные варианты от простых до сложных.




Reflection: The Card Magic of Bill Goodwin (2009)


Карточные фокусы для любителей и профессионалов


Reflection represents an exquisite selection of eleven ingenious effects from one of our era’s finest card magicians, Bill Goodwin. Included is material culled from his hard to find lecture notes as well as several effects never before published. This is the first time a collection of his secrets has ever been released on DVD. Using only an ordinary pack of cards, discover the secrets of a true sleight of hand artist and experience the deviant card magic of Bill Goodwin.


Oxnard Split 24:48
A highly visual handling of Paul Harris’ “Las Vegas Split.” A Four transforms into two Twos followed by each of the Twos transforming into two Aces.
One Off
The magician attempts to find a selected card, however, he is off by one. To remedy the situation, the magician splits the card into two cards to reveal the selection.
Off Balance Transposition 20:13
A three-phase routine where a selected card and the four Aces repeatedly switch places culminating with a visual transformation of the selection into the four Aces.
The Paint Brush Change (Roy Walton) 13:50
Roy Walton’s wonderful full face visual change happens instantaneously as you “wiggle” the card.
Double Lift Unload
A deceptive technique for unloading the lowermost card of a double so that it appears as if the card never goes flush with the deck.
About Face
A card held at your fingertips turns over visually with just a stroke of your thumb. A handling for Alex Elmsley’s “Turn-About Card.”
Twisting the Kings 13:33
A direct handling of Dai Vernon’s classic “Twisting the Aces” finishing with all four cards turning over simultaneously.
The Mirage Trick 9:52
The magician offers to show the audience a mirage. A selection is produced between two cards, but immediately vanishes proving that its appearance was just a mirage. Included in the explanation is a handling of the Bluff Pass.
Spectator Cuts to the Aces 7:37
A clean and direct handling of this classic plot. The method highlights a versatile unloading technique that can be applied to other effects.
Mistaken Sandwich 6:31
A card is produced between two others. Realizing that it is not the selection, the magician causes it to change into the correct card. The three cards can be examined.
Reciprocity 14:44
The four Kings and the four Aces change places instantly. Two handlings are included.
Hold the Mayo 12:36
The four Aces are produced one at a time from between two Jokers.





TNR - Mathieu Bich


A restoration. A reparation. A transformation. Just when you think the effect is over-- it hasn't even begun. A signature effect of International FISM winner Mathieu Bich for half a decade, this is a trick that defines visual magic.

The restoration is a masterpiece of aesthetic perfection and technical fluidity. But what happens next will turn your mind inside out. The motions are slow, methodical, logical, and smooth. If you were to take a card, rip it, and then restore it piece by piece-- this is EXACTLY what it would look like. Taught and performed by Chris Kenner in Las Vegas.

We first saw TnR in action months ago with a grainy, dark webcam video shot by Mathieu Bich. It looked like a clip from the Blair Witch Project. But instead of being filmed in the woods, it was Mathieu's living room. And there were no ghosts. Whatever, you get the point.

The video was clear enough to see the effect. We saw it. And our jaws dropped. The effect starts off like any other torn and restored card effect. But as it progresses, it gets more and more insane. Each piece is shown SO fairly before it is visibly, simply, beautifully restored. There's not a single funny move in the entire routine.


Фокусы с игральными картами


Download (Links



Riot - Dan Hauss

Карточные трюки


A card is freely selected and signed, front and back. The signed card is returned to the deck, protruding. With little delay, the deck is held so the spectator can see their card protruding from the deck (Yes, it is their card, they can see their actual card the whole effect). The performer then causes the signed card to VERY visually rise through the deck to the top. A couple endings are possible, both of which involve the signature on the back of the card (hidden by the top card) to visually jump to the top, completing the rising of the card to the top. The card is then handed out for inspection.


Gimmicks Yes. The gimmick is clever and easy to make. It is also easy to hide in the deck. You may frown because a gimmick is used, but it is worth it. Use this trick as a closer to your ACR. The way I plan on integrating this is to go with my old closer (the pop up bent card) and then show them how it works. Have them sign the front of the card for ACR, and then, for my finale, I would have them sign the back, then do Riot. They would have seen previously a card travel through the deck and pop out at the top, with Riot they can see very specifically how the card rises. The gimmick is not something you can keep in the deck for other tricks, but is small enough to be very easily put into play. Dan also covers a way to get the card out of play very easily. If you use this as an ACR closer, you are set.


Download (Links)



Секреты карточных фокусов


'Fire In The Hole' - A flash restoration using a pyro paper 'granade'. Huron offers the original plus 2 varations of this effect which are instant killers and magician foolers. A card is freely selected and is signed twice on the back by a spectator, on the top and on the bottom. Details are then written on the face of the card, making the card significantly unique. ANY signature is selected and cleanly sliced out with a pen-knife. A "time bomb" is introduced and placed over the hole. The bomb is lit and bursts into flames, enveloping the hole in a swirl of fire, VISUALLY SEALING the hole, blasting the card back in time so it is now Fully Restored. The card is then immediately handed out for examination and can be kept by the spectator as a souvenir, the effect, scorched into his mind for eternity.


* Extremely visual.

* The card is freely selected, no forces or duplicates.

* The card can be signed on both sides by the spectators.

* Only ONE card is used in the whole routine, the one the spectator keeps as a souvenir. An ingenious gimmick that can be used over and over again makes it all possible.

* The card is fully examinable before and after the effect.

* The reset time is a mere 3 seconds.

* All the effects have MULTI-ANGLED studio performances and tutorials and explain everything in vivid detail.

* Multiple handlings of Fire in the Hole including fire and non-fire restorations.


Download (Links)


Riffle Pass By Chad Nelson

Секреты карточных фокусов, видео семинар


Chad Nelson shares his thoughts on the classic Riffle Pass. Although the technique borrows ideas from many magicians throughout history, it's his own finessed touches that make this variation blazing fast and executable under fire as a color change.



Jeff McBride - Zoom Bounce and Fly DVD

Трюки с картами, жонглирование, вращение

English | DVD-Video NTSC 720x480 29.97 fps | AC3 192 Kbps 48 KHz | 2.05 GB

Learn the inside secrets of card spinning, McBrides famous floor bouncing, extreme card spin productions, flourishes, card juggling, and much much more!

…taught to you by one of the worlds greatest teachers of magic!
Also included with the DVD, is a special McGrip-Tip SUPER CARD SHOOTER

DVD Contents:
* TheThurston Throwing Card
* Special Preparation of Cards
* Bobby Baxter at the Richiardi Show
* The Walsh Tarbell Spin
* Walk-On Jumbo Card Sequence
* Thumb Flick Spin
* Del Rosso Flick Flourish
* Fan Catch and Spin
* Backhand Catch
* The Dropping a Card Out
* Hacky Sack Kick
* Devil Stick Flick
* Perfect Spinner
* Two Hand Spinner
* Card Spinning
* The McBride Grip
* Safety
* Loading Gimmicks
* Arcing
* McBrides Famous
* Floor Bouncing
* Credits


On Palming by John Carney

Обучение фокусам с картами

English | 29.97fps 764kbps | Mp3 128kbps | 478 Mb

Many of the most powerful effects in card magic require the palming of a playing card. Yet nothing else strikes fear in the heart of the uninitiated as much as this prospect. The fear itself is the single greatest obstacle to effective palming.


Жонглирование картами, приемы и секреты

C4 CapCuts by Capaso Casino
English | GreenLand | 352x288 | AVI | 53Min | 184M
Genre: Magic Video

    Here it is! Cap Casino's incredible DVD is the fix for your card addicted fingers' flourishing needs. C4: CapCuts contains some of the most eye-boggling card contortions you have ever seen! This is pure sleight-of-hand with cards and cards only.
    The cuts you will learn aren't just "show" cuts, these are cuts that you can use in the real world. For example, Cap has used BRS (Blind Rotational Sybil) thousands (at least Cap says it feels that way) of times in his close-up work at restaurants throughout the Washington D.C. area.
    Not only will you get to see Capaso perform these amazing cuts, he also teaches each cut step-by-step in great detail. You, too can learn these cuts! But, it doesn't stop there. Mr. Casino also explains how to blend flourishes into your magic without disturbing the flow of the performance, enhancing the card magic you already know.



The Trilogy Video Tutorials – Magic

Трюки с картами, обучение, видео семинар для фокусников

XVID | English | 640x480 | AVI | 29.970 fps 596 kbps | MP3 192 kbps | 1.9 GB

The moves are one-of-a-kind masterpieces that you will be able to apply in nearly every situation. Master these moves and you are on your way to becoming a verifiable superstar. The Trilogy is a 3 DVD box set containing 6 hours of rare card tricks, flourishes, and moves.

It is a body of work that spans ten years by two of the youngest and most influential card manipulators and magicians of this century: Dan and Dave. You gain the benefit of their ingenuity right now.


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