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Complete Card Magic with Gerry Griffin - The Definitive Set 7 DVDs (Volumes 1-7) | 5.53 GB


Карточные фокусы, секреты скачать бесплатно.


This is the complete encyclopedia of instructional card magic! Whether you are a beginner or an expert card worker, everything you need is on these DVDs. "If you're looking for one set that covers it all... you've found it. This is the ultimate multi-volume course in card magic." - Maxwell Murphy, Penguin Magic "Gerry Griffin is thorough, informative, experienced and entertaining." -- Jonathan Evans, Penguin Magic "It's the tricks that get me excited about this product. They're are so many of them, and they're so strong." -- Acar Altinsel, Penguin Magic "Unlike most instructional DVDs on the market with a lot of padding, Gerry Griffin gets right to the point and gives you the very best in card magic with the most thorough explanations. I'm confident you will find the content and quality standard of these DVDs is higher than any other." -- Rob Stiff, Magic Makers.



Aldo Colombini - Impromptu Card Magic Vol 1


Карточные фокусы


Impromptu Card Magic includes fifteen easy to learn, easy to perform routines. No gimmicks, no setups, no difficult sleight of hand. This is amazing card magic with maximum effect, even though many of the routines are so easy they could be considered self-working.


Don't let the simplicity of methods give you the wrong impression. The routines taught are professional caliber and can easily entertain and fool the most knowledgeable audiences.
Quick & Direct (Harry Lorayne): A selected card is found by the process of elimination.
Trost And Us (Mike Rogers): A demonstration of a human scale has you cut the exact amount of cards that a spectator has randomly cut.
Family Reunion (Aldo Colombini): The Jacks, Queens and Kings are shuffled and cut. A spectator selects one of the cards and its mate is found by a process of elimination. As a surprise ending all of the cards have now found their mates.
The Nervous Ace (Tom Daugherty): A freely selected card is named as the spectator miscalls it while going through the deck.
The Great Thirstin (Marty Kane): A card found from a spectator's packet matches your prediction.
A Lucky Card (Richard Vollmer): The four Aces are lost in the deck by a spectator and are found by spelling to them, with the last Ace being found using your Lucky Card.
More Lies (Robert E. Neale): A spectator thinks of a King or a Queen. Their card is found using a lie detector theme that always corrects their lies and finds their selection.
Duck And Deal (Aldo Colombini): The total of a spectator's two selections is used to determine the size of a packet that finds a previously selected card.
Twinkey (J.K. Hartman): You find two selected cards under seemingly impossible conditions.
Count On Them (Aldo Colombini): Four cards disappear, one at a time, from a packet of five. The remaining card is the selection.
Dancing (Aldo Colombini): A selected card is found by spelling the name of the spectator who chose it.
Vintage (Aldo Colombini): Three cards are used as indicators to find the selection. One of the indicators, which surprisingly was the selection, vanishes and appears face up in the middle of the deck.
Aria (Aldo Colombini): Four Aces are each covered by three cards. The packets and Aces are now lost in the deck. The fourth packet with the previously named Ace is magically shown to contain all four aces.
Backfire (Aldo Colombini): The four Kings are lost in the deck. The deck is shuffled face up and face down. A spectator takes an indifferent card and uses it as a magic wand by waving it over the deck. Magically the entire deck is now facing the same way except for three Kings. The indifferent card, which has remained in the spectator's hand, magically turns into the fourth King.
Sarabanda (Aldo Colombini): A spectator cuts the two Jacks, face-up, into the deck. When the deck is spread the two Jacks are found next to the two previously selected cards.
With this DVD and any borrowed deck of cards you can instantly perform card magic that looks absolutely impossible. No matter what level of skill you've achieved, you'll find routines you can quickly add to your repertoire.


Секреты фокусов с картами скачать бесплатно видео



MAGIC Ultragaff Vol 1-3


Vol 1, 2, 3 of the Ultragaff Videos With Performances & Tutorials


Фокусы с картами, эффекты и секреты

  • Teaching by two superstars of magic - Wayne Houchin & Daniel Garcia
  •  Slow, clear break-downs of each UltraGaff card, tips, and tricks
  •  25 tricks taught on a 3 Volume series ranging from beginner to advanced
  •  On-the-edge gaffed card creative techniques no one has yet released
  •  Bonus outtakes of behind the scenes footage


110 удивительных фокусов с обычными предметами





Фокусы, секреты фокусов, бесплатное видео обучение

Обучение несложным фокусам. Доступное объяснение для всех возрастов.

Отличное учебное пособие для начинающих фокусников!

Английский язык.



Обучение фокусам


Bob McAllister - Amazing Magic DVD (VHS)
English | AVI | DIV3 244 kbps 29.970 fps | 352 x 240 | MP3 1411 kbps 44 KHz Stereo | 1h | 707 MB


This video is for people who are beginning magic enthusiasts, or perhaps just wanted to learn a bit of sleight-of-hand to entertain the church youth group with. Disappearing quarters, Salt shakers, Broken and restored rubber bands, A card trick called "Cactus Pete, King of the Card Sharps." McAllister's amiable personality makes it enjoyable to watch. For anyone wanting to learn some basic tricks and gain some confidence in doing them. The tricks are simple, yet appealing.



Фокусы, секреты и объяснения


Kard KluB Vol 1-2 by Brad Christian
Ellusionist | English | 352x263 | 60min | DivX | AVI | 614 MB


    Kard Klub teaches the confidence, the art, and the showmanship you need. Sleights and moves are deciphered and broken down into flawless training that allows you to virtually control the reactions when performing on the street.

    The actual trick we focus on during the video is called 2 Card Monte. There are other powerful tricks and effects in the video but we used 2CM because it's ideal for what we want to teach you.
    During the video, you will learn 2 Card Monte more effectively than you dreamed possible. There is no video in the world that even remotely teaches this card trick more thoroughly, with more ins and outs and unbelievable methods of handling - than Kard Klub.
    In owning this video you will be part of an elite group dedicated to showmanship during the performance of magic.



Карточные фокусы, секреты и объяснение трюков.


At The Card Table vol 1-3 by Darwin Ortiz
English | A-1 MultiMedia | 352*240 | 93MIN


    Darwin Ortiz makes his living with a deck of cards. As a full-time professional close-up magician, he is constantly in demand to appear at colleges and business conventions. He is considered the world's foremost expert on crooked gambling. His books for both the lay public and for magicians have been highly successful. Darwin Ortiz has brought the art of sleight of hand to a new level of perfection. He is a rarity, an expert who is entertaining as well as informative.
    This DVD set consists of three volumes of superb, elegant card magic based on the best- selling book, At The Card Table. If you loved Darwin's best-selling three-volume set of videos entitled Card Shark, then you are in for a real treat. Darwin is back "At the Card Table" to perform and explain the best of the best from his book. This three-volume set of DVDs incorporates new ideas and improvements to the book's original material, effects that Darwin has used to make a living as one of the world's foremost sleight-of-hand experts with cards


Effects Performed and Explained:
-Jumpin' Gemini
-The Vegas Shuffle
-Darwin's 3Card Monte
-The Pinky Count
-Darwin's Wildcard
-Hitchcock Aces
-The Dream Card
-The Zarrow Shuffle



-Greek Poker (performance only)
-Regal Aces
-Modern Jazz Aces
-Back Off
-Nine-Card Location
-Do As I Did
-Includes an explanation of The Si Stebbins Secret



-Fast Shuffle
-The Card Warp Deck
-Mexican Poker
-The Ultimate Card Shark (performance only)





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